Child and Family Welfare
Association of Australia Inc.

Practice Symposium 2007

Presentations from the National Symposium hosted by CAFWAA and PeakCare in Brisbane from 15 to 17 May 2007

These are all Powerpoint files (.PPT) or PDFs and the sizes vary from 164kb to 31mb. Please be aware of the impact on your internet access speed before downloading large files.

Cathy Humphreys: 'Exploring The interface...' PPT 164kb

Cathy Humphreys: 'Thinking About The Way Forward...'  PPT 1.7mb

James Anglin: Rivers of Pain PPT 31mb

James Anglin: 'Congruence in Service...'  PPT 8.1mb

James Anglin: 'Congruent Models...'  PPT 9mb

John Adams, Geraldine Stewart Pertame: 'Capturing Potential'  PPT 1.4mb

Louise Mather, Kim Carroll: 'Parents Plus / Access Plus...'  PPT 212kb

Niran Jiang: 'Values-Based Leadership' PPT 1.3mb

Alison Normanton, Paula Westhead: 'More than Hope...'  PPT 3mb

Jenny Lang, Marion Barnett, Enda Cotter: 'Family Group Conferencing...'  PPT 332kb

Kim Copeland, Melanie White: 'Child_Saftey...' PPT 404kb

Warren Cann: 'Parenting Skills' PPT 720kb

Paul Delfabbro 'Adolescent Gambling: A Review of National Research and its Implications for Social Policy' PDF 68kb

Lauren Porter 'Substance Abuse and Attachment: Family Trauma, Neurology and Bonding' PDF 10.8mb

Joel Porter 'Just scratching the surface: 20 years of Addiction Treatment and Research' PDF312kb

Joel Porter 'Motivational Interviewing' PDF 172kb

Tania Withington & Janet Harris 'Child Trauma and Disrupted Attachment' PDF 44kb

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